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NEW British-Gauge, Digital MA 4-LED speedo!

This is our all new 4-LED multifunction chrono speedo, click on the image for more details

Revolater face for chronometric!

This is our reproduction of the face originally used on Brit bikes with no tacho, more details on the chronometric page

Digital MA white face for chronometric!

Our brand new 120mph white face chrono with kmh inner scale, more details on the Digital MA chronometric page

British chrome case for chronometric!

This is our standard full factory reproduction case with bright British chrome finish, choose it as an option when purchasing your Chronoelectric instrument or buy one for your own restoration project!

Smiths chronometric tacho and speedo

Sunbeam shines on our Smiths branded digital chronometric!

We recently spotted this very positive write-up from a dedicated sunbeam enthusiast, great to see the instrument winning fans!

Click on the image to go to the Sunbeam site

Nacelle or dashboard fitting kit

Nacelle or dashboard fitment fitting kit for our 3in (80mm)chronometrics now available, see the accessories page for details

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Not all "digital chronometrics" are the same, we only supply accurate reproductions of the factory originals!

chronometric case bottom chronometric case side

Our units feature full restoration quality steel cases, original factory standard screw on bezels, glass support ring and double o-ring for weather-proofing. The instrument wiring is concealed in a "false" bulb holder fixing to further enhance the period look. Visit the speedo and tacho pages to buy.
Our chronoelectric units are compatible with most 12v systems either negative or positive earth. The speedometers use the handy "drive-to-set" function allowing the user to set the unit up easily by simply driving the bike over a measured mile (or km). A range of hall-effect sender cables are available to drive the units from most wheel mounted speedo gearboxes.

Follow this link to the tech page tech for details on compatibility, fitting and wiring, instruction sheets also available.

New British Gauge t-shirts available from August 2017,

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